Back It Up

We all have a list of “things” that we’d really prefer not to lose.  As our reliance upon technology increases, this list includes more and more digital items – photos, financial statements, historical documents, etc.  Data losses happen all the time.  A computer crashes, a room floods, something gets stolen.  A strategy to mitigate some of these possibilities is a necessary step to protect memories, information, legal information, correspondence, etc.

Fortunately there are many tools out there which are there to help us make sure that we have backup copies of life’s important things.  There are likely too many choices though, making it confusing on which one to use, how to use it, and ensuring it is doing what it proclaims to do.


I won’t say I’ve tested them all, but I definitely have a few favourites which have helped both me and my clients over the years.  Let me help you come up with a plan which will allow you possibly sleep a little bit better knowing that those important things won’t be lost forever in the event of a disaster.

Simplify Your Life

Computers are amazing tools.  But sadly, they can also lead to a great deal of frustration.  Let me tip the scale towards the Amazing side of things.  With in-home service, I am able to assist you with your specific problems, provide training for exactly what you need, and customize your electronic world so that it functions precisely as you imagined.